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Looking for resources to help you in your practice or in building your network? Check out our array of free webinars, one-page breakdowns of various legal concepts, and white papers.


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Join CEO David Schnurman as he explores the nuanced world of law as a business.  These webinars cover topics such as networking, best practices for capitalizing on that LinkedIn profile, and tweaking your public speaking skills to put your best foot - and voice - forward.
Lawline One-Pagers
Does the term “one-pager” give you flashbacks to law school exams and one-page cheat sheets? Fear not - Lawline is reclaiming the one-pager with these concise and informational breakdowns of concepts from our most popular courses!
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Lawline’s newest resources include how-to guides, actionable insights, and best practices for navigating the legal industry.

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Looking to stay up-to-date on all the latest Lawline news? We've made it easy by collecting our most recent press releases, giving you an all-access peek at the click of a button.